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  • Heikki Heikinpoika Vaanila — (1630–1709) ( sv. Hindrick Hindersson) was a Finnish farmer and parliamentarian from Vaanila village in Lohja, Nylandia. He was chairman of the Estate of Swedish Peasants at the Swedish Riksdag of the Estates in 1680, that established absolute… …   Wikipedia

  • Mark O'Leary (musician) — Mark O Leary is a Cork born based Guitarist, Author, Electronic Music composer. He was educated at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. The release of numerous CDs in the past 3 or 4 years has helped him gain a growing following not just in… …   Wikipedia

  • National Coalition Party (Finland) — Infobox Finnish Political Party party name = National Coalition Party party party wikicolourid = Blue name in Finnish = Kansallinen Kokoomus name in Swedish = Samlingspartiet leader = Jyrki Katainen foundation = 1918 ideology = Liberal… …   Wikipedia

  • Conservative Laestadianism — Speaker preaches at Summer Services in Perho, Finland 2005 Conservative Laestadianism is a Lutheran revival movement and the biggest branch of Laestadianism. It has spread to 16 countries. There are about 90,000 – 110,000 Conservative Laestadians …   Wikipedia

  • LysKOM — is a KOM based conferencing system developed by the Lysator Academic Computer Society at Linköping University and Linköping Institute of Technology. It can be seen as a cross between news and e mail, but with the presence and speed of IRC or IM… …   Wikipedia

  • Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia — The Legislative Assembly ( ru. Законодательное Собрание Республики Карелия, Zakonodatelnoye sobraniye Respubliki Kareliya ; fi. Karjalan tasavallan lakiasäätävä kokous) is the legislative body of the Republic of Karelia, Russia. Chairman of the… …   Wikipedia

  • National Coalition Party — Finnish name Kansallinen Kokoomus r.p. Swedish name Samlingspartiet r.p …   Wikipedia

  • Conferencia de Científicos Escandinavos — Banquete en el encuentro de Roskilde de 1847. H. C. Ørsted, el presidente, es quien habla. Christopher Hansteen, quien presidió la conferencia de Oslo de 1844, está a la derecha del orador. A la izquierda de éste está Japetus Steenstrup. La… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Свод законоположений Финляндии — Обложка Свода законоположений Финляндии от 2011 Свод законоположений Финляндии (фин. Suomen säädöskokoelma, швед …   Википедия

  • istunto — • istunto, kokous, konferenssi, kongressi, neuvottelu, palaveri, sessio, symposiumi …   Suomi sanakirja synonyymejä

  • lukuvuosi — • istunto, kokous, konferenssi, kongressi, neuvottelu, palaveri, sessio, symposiumi …   Suomi sanakirja synonyymejä

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